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Why Partner With Us?

Promotion made easy

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Our affiliate dashboard offers a comprehensive look at your clicks, trials, sales and commissions. You can view your earnings, track performance, and will get paid at the same time every month.

What do I need to become an affiliate?

Sign up for our Affiliate Program

The first step to earning commission is to set up an account and join the WP Pro Guide Affiliate Program. Account setup and registration are free and it only takes a few minutes. Refer new customers and you’ll receive 50% from each sale.

Share your affiliate link and make money

After registering for our Affiliate Program, you will get a unique link referring users to our course. Share the link on your website and with social media contacts. For every product purchased from your link, you will earn commission from us.

We almost forgot to mention our cookie policy

If a referred visitor to our site doesn’t convert, you can still earn a commission if they return and activate their account within 60 days – even if they navigate directly to our website (and haven’t deleted their cookies). The last click counts.

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